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Why are My Thoughts so Disconnected?

Have you ever wondered why you can think such competing thoughts? Why you can tell yourself, "I don't want to start a family." at the same time wondering, "When am I going to start a family?" It's not a new concept. We've all felt this way at least once, if not on a regular basis. The answer isn't simple, but can be conceptualized as parts of self. The concept is that you have various parts within yourself (your psyche) that think and feel differently. It's almost like you have various personalities (don't freak out-we're not talking about anything diagnosable-usually). The psychological framework or theory for this concept is called Internal Family Systems, and it's fascinating. The goal lends itself to integration and stepping into your most authentic self (not to be confused with the buzz phrase you keep hearing about). If you're interested in learning more and using this theory for your own healing please contact us at Redemption Wellness Services, LLC. We value exploring and validating these parts of you!

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