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Walk and Therapy

What is Walk and Talk Therapy?

Walk-and-talk therapy falls under the umbrella of outdoor therapy and nature therapy within the realm of eco-psychotherapy. Similar modalities include adventure therapy, wilderness therapy, nature art therapy, animal-assisted psychotherapy, and horticultural (gardening) therapy. In essence, walk-and-talk therapy integrates psychotherapy, physical activity, and exposure to nature.

Individuals who gravitate towards outdoor therapy, nature therapy, or walk-and-talk therapy often possess an affinity for nature. For some, the conventional therapy setting can feel restrictive, prompting a preference for dynamic movement. Others may find traditional therapy sessions uncomfortable, particularly the act of being scrutinized by a therapist seated opposite them. This mode of therapy also appeals to those accustomed to sedentary work environments.

Walk-and-talk therapy commences with a prearranged meeting between the client and therapist at a mutually agreed-upon location, often determined during the initial intake session. Throughout the sessions, the client typically sets the pace of the walk.

This form of therapy proves beneficial in addressing a variety of issues, including anxiety disorders, depression, self-esteem issues, life transitions, stress, anger, and bereavement.

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